A Quick Helpful & Handy Guide to Men’s Wedding Rings

A Quick Helpful & Handy Guide to Men’s Wedding Rings

Unlike the all important engagement ring or the brides wedding ring, men’s wedding rings are possibly considered easier to choose and, in most cases, more affordable… but, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give considerable thought to the right ring. In fact, there is more to choosing the right men’s wedding ring than meets the eye. Let us take you through some important considerations when choosing your ring.

Styles of Men’s Wedding Rings:

The Classic Men’s Wedding Ring

A ring is a ring, right? Well yes, but they are not all the same. For decades, the classic men’s wedding ring has been of a style that is slimline, has a domed profile usually with no stone and no highlighting feature and usually made from gold or sterling silver.

Contemporary methods of jewellery manufacturing have allowed a classic wedding ring design to be crafted from various alloy metals for strength and durability and in a range of colours meaning men now have more options to suit their own style.

A simple yet stylish men’s wedding ring design that is perfect for traditionalists.

Flat Profile Men’s Wedding Rings

Over the past 10-15 years a trend for men’s wedding rings has taken a sharp swing towards a larger, bolder style ring. With the increased popularity of Tungsten and Titanium for their hypoallergenic properties as well as their budget friendly appeal, bolder designs have become more readily available.

Flat profile men’s wedding rings basically take on a simple design but instead of a domed profile they have a broader (often 4mm-8mm) fascia that is flat. Designs vary and various colour options are available thanks to anodizing and Ion Plating technology. Flat profile rings normally are available with either with straight edges or bevelled edges depending on personal preference with bevelled edges being a favourite among those men with larger fingers.

A simple but immensely popular design for men’s wedding rings that is perfect for modern blokes who love a larger ring that expresses a subtle yet strong presence of masculinity.

Flat Profile Men’s Wedding Rings – with BLING!

This Men’s Wedding Ring Style is the same as above, but with a little extra. A little more fancy. A little more betterer?? Anyhow, as we’ve already mentioned, the flat profile rings are very popular but sometimes plain is just not enough, and when it not enough you can turn up the level of fancy and introduce more outstanding features to your wedding ring.

Starting simple, many men love the simple centre-line (or offset) groove around the ring. It is only a simple addition, but it does add that extra design feature with many men appreciate. The groove can be in the same colour as the ring or even anodized in a different colour to really make it stand out.

Other attributes can be the addition of more than one colour, multiple grooves, two-tone inner & outers and even the addition of stones such as cubic zirconia. These features are often sort for their more rugged appearance or for those who love to introduce a significant or favourite colour to their life-long wedding ring.

Men’s Wedding Rings – What style? Today, anything goes….

Above, we have shown you the Classic Style, Flat Profile, and the Fancy Flat Profile options when it comes to men’s wedding rings. These are simply styles that either we already know or are extremely popular amongst the grooms of today. But we all know that today’s people love to unique, step outside the box and be an individual – that is why, any ring can literally take the place of the above styles. No one says you need to abide by the unwritten rules when choosing your men’s wedding ring. Be conservative, be wild…. it is your choice!

What Metal is best for men’s wedding rings?

Great question. For many, a ring made from almost any metal is fine however if you are sensitive to some metal or have experienced skin irritations in the past, you may need to consider the metal your men’s wedding ring is made from.

Rather than re-create a new entry here on the properties and suitability of metals, please visit our comprehensive ring metal guide here.

Ring metal Properties

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