Choosing the right metal for your Men’s Ring

Style counts, but so does the correct metal…

Why choose a Titanium Ring?

A Titanium Ring is a great choice if you are seeking a tough, durable men’s ring but want one that’s a little lighter in weight.


  • Corrosion and tarnish resistant
  • Considered to be highly hypoallergenic – made with medical grade titanium
  • Lightweight
  • Great value for money
  • Strong and durable, it won’t bend out of shape like a solid gold ring can
  • Won’t conduct heat like gold and silver, so it’s a great choice for chefs, but it still does conduct some electricity.


  • Cannot be resized
  • Can tend to show scratches – not as much as gold does, but not as scratch resistant as the other metals
  • Very difficult to cut, but it is possible with standard emergency cutting tools


Why choose a Stainless Steel Ring?

A Stainless Steel Ring makes a great choice for those who want a lightweight ring for an affordable price without compromising on looks.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Is comparatively durable
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Budget friendly


  • Difficult to be resized
  • Can still scratch and dint with wear and tear
  • Not suitable for those with Nickel allergies


Why Choose a Tungsten Ring?

Tungsten Rings are a little heavier than other metals (like gold, but much stronger). A durable metal that resists scratches.


  • The metal for you if you’d like something scratch resistant, but just like ANYTHING made of metal (your car, your silverware, your watch) – it can scratch if pushed to its limits
  • Very strong and tough
  • Being a heavier metal, it feels much like an expensive ring but without the price tag.


  • Cannot be resized or cut. Contrary to the rumours though, Tungsten can be taken off in an emergency. Instead of cutting it, you safely crack or shatter it if required.
  • Has a small amount of nickel in the alloy mix, so if you are allergy prone to nickel or other metals, please avoid tungsten. No, it will NOT turn your finger green.


Why Choose a Silicone Ring?

A stretchy, comfortable material perfect for those that work in a trade, allergic to metals or do vigorous activity where a metal ring is not ideal.


  • Flexible – can stretch a half size up
  • Super comfortable
  • Heat resistant
  • Non-conductive (safe for electricians & mechanics)
  • Hypoallergenic


Like all rings, these should be taken off at night as they can trap sweat and water which will eventually irritate the skin

  • Not resistant to all chemicals and can lose its finish with bleach and other harsh chemicals
  • With enough pulling/stretching – these rings can snap
  • Limited designs available


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