Caring For Your Ring

Our rings are chosen not only for their amazing designs but because our jewellers choose to use only genuine, high grade materials to ensure a superior quality, long lasting jewellery piece. In order to keep your ring in great condition, it essential that certain precautions and care instructions are followed.

  • DO NOT use harsh cleaning chemicals whilst wearing your ring.
  • DO NOT clean your ring with alcohol or citrus based cleaners.
  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaning pads/scourers to clean your ring.
  • USE ONLY designated jewellery cleaning solutions and polishing pastes. Avoid mechanical style cleaning devices.
  • Remove your ring from your finger regularly and thoroughly clean the inside to prevent build-up of sweat, oils, acids etc. If skin irritation occurs, remove ring immediately.
  • For Wooden Rings – DO NOT subject them to prolonged exposure or submersion to water. Make sure you dry the ring well after getting it wet. Remove ring before swimming, taking a bath, washing dishes etc.
  • For Resin Rings – Chemicals such as bleach, Isopropyl-based hand sanitisers, methylated spirits and some detergents may adversely react to the resin and we advise that you remove your ring as a precaution.

Warranty on our rings will not be granted if there are signs of misuse, improper cleaning, damage from chemicals or abrasions.