How do Tungsten Rings Get Their Colours?

How do Tungsten Rings Get Their Colours?

Tungsten rings can be made in a variety of colours by applying a physical or chemical process to the surface of the ring.

One method is ion plating, also known as physical vapour deposition (PVD). In this process, a thin layer of coloured metal, such as titanium or rose gold, is deposited onto the surface of the tungsten ring. This results in a durable and long-lasting colour that won’t fade or scratch off.

Another method is anodisation, which uses an electrical current to change the surface of the tungsten ring. This process can create various colours, including blue, black, and rainbow, by altering the thickness and composition of the oxide layer on the ring.

In addition to ion plating and anodisation, some tungsten rings can also be coloured using other methods such as laser engraving, electroplating, or enamelling.

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How do Tungsten Rings Get Their Colours

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